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Mobile Residential Homes


Herons Park is pleased to offer a 12 month occupancy residency within our Static Caravan community, currently home to around 30 owner-occupied static homes.

We also have a new development at Herons Park with just one plot left out of 4 new twin unit Tingdene lodges. Click here for more information.

Each plot comes with its own Royal Mail address including postcode, and many have BT landlines with Broadband internet readily available.  Our residential vans are set back from the rest of the park on three rows overlooking  the grounds and lakes, home to some wonderful wildlife, and farmers' fields stretching out behind.

Van owners are given the utmost flexibility in landscaping their individual plots within the confines of our licensing conditions and some of our residents have already made the most of this with some truly lovely results. We even have a resident who recieved a runners up certificate and reward for Lydd in Bloom 2019 which is held by the local council. 

We are happy to welcome any new residents that wish to bring their own static van to one of our available empty pitches that arise from time to time which have a one time payable site entry fee of £15-20,000 dependant on the plot available: or move straight into one of our quality vans already on site either for sale by us or privately by one of our departing residents.

 Require Finance to make your dream home a reality?

Please see Pegasus Finance for more information and to calculate your payments.

                                                                             CURRENT UNSITED PLOTS



Please contact Hayley for more information-

01797 329219



                                                                             SITED VANS


-Who are "Herons Park?"

We are a family run fully residential park situated in Lydd, Kent. We currently have 34 residential plots out of our 56 licenced plots, each with its own garden, fencing and parking, we are unlike other parks- we strive to ensure you can make your home at Herons Park exactly that!

- How much is ground rent?

Ground rent is currently £255.00 per month, which includes (fair usage) water and sewerage

- Are there any other bills to pay?

Yes, just like with any other home you need to pay utility bills- Electricity is charged per unit, every home has its own meter that we read monthly for you, gas is bottled- and currently charged at £70.00 per bottle, which we deliver once a week- you just order one as and when your bottle runs out and you switch over to the reserve bottle, Council Tax is paid directly to Shepway and is in Band A -approx. £1,100 per year, TV licence, Sky TV, BT, etc all vary depending on what you choose to have, so this is down to you. All homes must have insurance- we have two companies that our residents use and can provide you with the details.

-Are there facilities on site?

No we do not offer on-site facilities, as this is a fully residential site we do not feel our residents want this type of park, we have a venue that is available for private hire, but it is not open daily. 

-What's in the local area?

We are situated one mile from Lydd town, which has a butcher, post office, pharmacy, school, church, bus stops to nearby towns and three small food shops.

New Romney is 10 minutes away by car, where you will find a fruit/veg shop, butcher, Sainsburys, pet shop, pharmacies, banks, cafes and very good restaurants. We are only 20-25 minutes away from the larger town Ashford which has direct trains to London. 

-Do you have an age restriction?

Yes, we require adults to be 45+ and children 10+ years old.

-Do you allow pets?

Yes, we only ask that you inform us of any pets prior to moving in and seek permission if you look to get more pets.

- What is your site entry fee?

The site entry fee is either a one-off fee of £15,000 for middle row plots and £20,000 for front and back row plots to move your own van onto a vacant plot, or a fee that is 10% of the purchase price of the sited van you buy. Often, this fee is incorporated into the sale price for simplicity but it is your responsibility to ensure that these funds are paid before you can receive your Site Agreement with us. For this fee, you do not own the plot, you own the right to place your van onto it- (Hence why you still pay ground rent) This fee is non-refundable should you wish to sell your sited van at a later date.