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Herons Park Site Rules

We treat the privacy of our visitors with the highest importance. This policy details the measures we take to preserving and safely guarding your privacy when you visit or communicate with our site or personnel. A detailed explanation of how we may store or otherwise use personal information about you is explained in this Privacy Policy. Regular updates of the Privacy Policy are completed, requiring you to check back on this Policy from time to time.


1.1 Park Homes, Touring Caravans, Motorhomes, or Tents sited on Herons Park are to be used for residential or leisure purposes only and not for conducting business or any commercial enterprise without prior written permission from the site owner or appointed manager(s).

1.2 No Park Home, Touring Caravan, Motorhome, or Tent may be used for sleeping more persons than it has been designed to accommodate: sleeping in cars is prohibited.

1.3 Park Homes, Touring Caravans, Motorhomes, or Tents must be capable of being moved at short notice, wheels must not be removed nor items stored underneath.

1.4 Residents and Users of Herons Park are responsible for the tidiness of the pitch they occupy. No rubbish; empty gas bottles; scrap metal or wood; scrap vehicles etc. is permitted to accumulate on or around the pitch.

1.5 All occupiers must observe the Local Authority's Recycling and Waste procedures and use the correct receptacles provided. No bulky items e.g. furniture are to be "dumped" or put in the park bins - these types of items should be taken to the nearest local tip.

1.6 Foreign items must not be introduced into the drainage system. e.g.: cleaning cloths; baby's nappies; incontinence pads; sanitary towels; condoms; cooking fat; engine oil; grease; paint, etc. Any detergents used should be of liquid form only, NO powder, or granular type detergents that can re-form in the cesspits and cause problems, may be used.


2.1 Children are the responsibility of their parents or guardian at all times, and must be supervised so that they are not a nuisance, or danger to themselves, or others. Residents and Campers are to remain fully responsible for the conduct of all occupiers and/or visitors to their pitch.

2.2 Occupiers must respect the right to quiet enjoyment of others and keep noise to a socially acceptable level, with absolute minimum noise or disturbance between the hours of 10pm and 7am on weekdays and 11pm and 8am on weekends and public holidays. Outdoor social gatherings should be within these times and neighbours should be notified out of courtesy.

2.3 Ball playing and throwing games are not permitted near to Park Homes, Motorhomes, or Vehicles. Occupiers and guests of Herons Park may use the play area in front of The Heron building or the centre of the camping field (avoiding any temporary caravans or tents) entirely at their own risk without any liability on the part of the site owners or their staff.

2.4 Fireworks, firearms and air rifles are not permitted on the site without express written permission.

2.5 Occupiers must not, and they must ensure that their family members and visitors do not, do anything which may:-


3.1 All vehicles on the site must have a current road tax licence, MOT, insurance certificate, and be in regular use. Unused or SORN vehicles may not be left or stored on the site. Vehicles that are not 'road legal' may not use the site's roadways or access routes without obtaining prior written permission from the site owner or appointed manager(s).

3.2 Vehicle speeds must be kept to 10mph or under at all times on the site: cyclists and pedestrians must be given priority and have awareness of children possibly present. Persistent non-observers of this rule will no longer be permitted to bring their vehicle on to the site.

3.3 Only private use vehicles are permitted to stay on the site: commercial vehicles of any sort are allowed only by prior arrangement and must be parked in the designated area(s).

3.4 Motor car repairs may not be carried out on the site: however, a recognised breakdown service may attend in the event of a breakdown and any other situation should be notified to the site owner or appointed manager(s).

3.5 One private use motor vehicle may be parked per pitch and must be accommodated so as not to restrict the roadways or access for others. Residents of Park Homes may park a second motor vehicle or visiting vehicle on their pitch if space allows and with agreement from the site owner or appointed manager(s). Additional cars and any other additional vehicles, including commercial vans and motorhomes may be parked in the designated parking area at the back of the Heron building for a fee payable in the Herons Park offices.


4.1 Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and any fouling must be picked up and disposed of immediately in the appropriate waste bins.

4.2 If the occupier or any other party in control of a dog on behalf of the occupier, or visiting the occupier, fails to pick up and dispose of any fouling, the site owner reserves the right to remove the fouling and to charge the occupier £50.00 for each such removal.

4.3 Any animal that persistently causes a nuisance to site owners or to other occupiers may be barred from the site. Formal complaints of such nuisance must be made in writing to the site office. The site owners will consider any complaints and may attempt to mediate between the relevant parties. However, the decision of the site owners shall be final.

4.4 The site owner or appointed manager(s) have sole discretion as to the suitability of individual dogs or any pet on the site and to the number of dogs, cats etc. to each pitch.


5.1 Traders and salesmen are not permitted access to the site without prior consent from the site owner or appointed managers.

5.2 No tree branches or other foliage anywhere on the site may be removed without the site owner's written permission. Trees, bushes, hedges etc may be planted on the site only after obtaining the site owner's written permission and subsequently these would become the property of the site.

5.3 Roadways and access routes including all road edges must remain clear. Tubs, plant pots etc, may only be placed temporarily on the road verge, subject to the site owner's approval and must not in any way restrict access for others.


6.1 The site's fishing areas are only available to users that hold a valid Rod licence. Non angling club members must purchase the appropriate ticket from the Herons Park office.

6.2 Use of the small private lake (where the ting dene is) is for use only for those tenants or with prior written consent of the site owner or appointed managers

6.3 Separate fishing rights and agreements are available to the water-ski club, Lydd Angling Club and Cranbrook Angling club. Residents and Campers will be charged a day rate for fishing payable at the Heron offices.